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I had visited the LA Dream Center a few times prior and every time, I would hear amazing testimonies of people who had gone through the recovery program and were totally transformed. I went into the program excited to be a part of seeing life change happen for the women there. I assumed that recovery was hard work, but I didn’t have much clarity on just how hard or messy it was.

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The Christmas season often gets overshadowed with so many things. It can be a reminder, for so many, of the brokenness of the world. It can be a reminder of loss or simply a reminder of what you do not have. Those who feel outcast or are on the fringe of society may find their loneliness magnified.

I have found myself in these categories many times and the greatest comfort, for me, has been the revelation of Jesus of Nazareth, and continuing to read the gospels from a lens of seeing Jesus as the humble King that He is.

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Contentment is a weird thing. It’s all the rage right now to make gratefulness lists and do what brings you joy, but I have been reminded over and over again in my walk with the Lord that contentment can only come from Him. No matter how many gratefulness lists I make or how hard I try to be content and not want more, I am not able to be joyful in every moment without His power. This season, for me, has been a fresh reminder that there can be joy in every season, even when we don’t know what’s next...

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